About project

Title: The development of a (bio)technology for waste management and recovery of water from effluents from hydrometallurgical processes

Founding: Project is carried out within the Team Tech program of the Foundation for Polish Science

Aim of the project: The aim of the project is to develop a novel (bio)technology for managing hydrometallurgical wastewaters, characterized by low pH, high iron and sulfate content. The technology will be based on the chemical neutralization process, microbial sulfate reduction, and subsequent heavy metal (bio) precipitation. As a result, three separate products will be obtained: (i) an iron-based sorbent of high applicability, (ii) metal sulfides, and (iii) water, which can be re-used in the technological pipeline.

The commercial and long-term goal of the project is the implementation of the proposed technology by Polish companies in the sector of (hydrometallurgical) recycling of batteries to improve their role and competitiveness in the global market. An important objective of the project is also to build a team of professionals who specialize in scaling of the experiments, from laboratory to pilot, which will gain the knowledge on how to successfully cross the so-called death valley of innovation.

Research tasks:
  1. Neutralization and iron based sorbent production
  2. Sulfate reduction and metal sulfide precipitation
  3. Pilot plant construction, start-up and operation
  4. Feasibility studies